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Kenya Massacre & Northern Pakistan Terrorism - Destroy Left-Wing Narrative This Past Weekend

This weekend we learned about the three day stand off between Kenyan Special Forces and Islamic terrorists. A stand off that highlights the brutality and inhumanity of Islamic Extremists such as these Al-Qaeda connected terrorists, who apparently will stop at nothing until the Caliphate dominates the world. Yet, as despicable and tragic as the events at the Westgate Mall in Nairobi are. Starting with the terrorist attack itself resulting in four explosions after an announcement was made for all Muslims to leave the vicinity, followed by the subsequent hostage crisis that authorities now face and are working diligently to resolve. I want to focus instead on two things that will be little talked about by the North American media, but are key to understand and are the keys to solving this global catastrophe that is Islamic terrorism.

The first is that these terrorist attacks perpetrated by Islamic Extremists and their organizations such as Al-Qaeda are not rare, or uncommon. In fact, during worship this past Sunday we learned from a member of my church, that his home church in Northern-Pakistan was also attacked by Islamic Extremists who exploded a bomb inside of his church this past weekend. However, as this member of my church was explaining, because this is such a common occurrence in Pakistan it got little attention by the media, let alone the Western media. The tragic fact that these attacks are so common and so well spread out across the globe, suggest two things that the left does not want to hear. First, that a common thread of religious extremism exists in large swaths of the Muslim world-wide community; and second that the U.S. cannot be blamed for the actions of these Islamic Extremists.

The reason that the tragic events of this past weekend highlight these two facts is because they occurred in such different parts of the world and none of them America. Meaning that no matter what you might think of Islam, it is now becoming increasingly clear that wherever there are large populations of adherents to this religion, extremism, violence and barbarity follows in the form of terrorism and implementation of sharia law. Something that can be seen in the now Islam dominated bed-room communities all across Europe, where violent crime is at an all time high, and is sanctioned under sharia law; while police are ordered to avoid these areas our of fear that the Muslim clerics and citizens will sanction their murder. All the way to the African country of Kenya, the Asian country of Pakistan, the once stable country of Egypt where Coptic Christians are being murdered and churches older than the region of Islam itself defaced and destroyed, and the increasingly unstable nation of Mexico, especially along the U.S./Mexican border.

The reason the left does not want to believe this fact of a common tie to Islam, is because it suggests that not all religions and philosophies can co-exist together in harmony. Something that terrifies the left, for it would mean that people would have to start learning and then speaking out against what is untrue and evil, and asserting with certainty what is good and true. Just as our fore-fathers did here in North America during World War II, when they were faced with the amazing and seductive power of the Nazi's in Germany. Nazi's that today remain quite popular amongst no one but Islamic Extremists. Yet, this questioning with boldness would mean that even the left's own political philosophies of eugenics, communism, abortion, atheism, social engineering, and euthanasia would all come into question. As moral certitudes, such as those found in the 10 commandments (adhered to by Christians, Jews and Muslims alike), would lead people to shun these left-wing philosophies which encourage, murder, elitism, racism, bondage etc.

This is why the left's narrative on Islamic extremism has always been that there is no such thing. That these people have no common thread in there ideology and motivations, and moreover are only doing these things because of the evil acts of the United States, or because they have become disillusioned with and left behind by capitalism and democracy. Yet, not only is it clear that there is a common thread in their ideology and motivations, and that thread is Islamic extremism. The fact that Islamic terrorism has now engulfed the world from Europe to North America, from Africa to Asia, and even Australia. It is becoming clear that their actions of jihad which arise from their convictions in Islam are not aimed at the U.S. in particular, but are aimed in general at anyone and anything that stands in their way of a global Caliphate. Since Northern Pakistan and Kenya can hardly be considered wealthy capitalist nations with flourishing democracies. Nor can it be said, that like the U.S. (although this has never ever been proven) they have continually bombed Islamic communities in the Middle-East killing thousands of innocents.    

In conclusion, the tragic events that occurred over this past weekend, should act as an eye opener for those who adhere to the left-wing narrative of terrorism. That terrorists are simply misguided people without evil intent who need socialism and communism to flourish so that they will no longer feel left behind by the evil that is American capitalism and democracy. Since, as the vast array of terrorist examples and victims that have arisen across the globe in the past 12 years indicate, this narrative is simply untrue, and that capitalism and democracy is not to blame. Not only that, but it is clear that Islamic terrorists are not just enemies of the West or the United States and Israel, they are enemies of everyone who does not think or act as they do. A key thing to understand, the next time anyone in the globe is considering whether further U.S. military involvement against terrorists is necessary, justified or worthy of support.

Yet, this also means that another motivation must be at work to bring these Islamic Extremists to commit these barbarous acts, and that motivation is the removal from or submission of all non-Islamic people to the global Islamic Caliphate. A concept that derives from only one religion's prophetic teachings, Islam. A motivation that is not only commonly found in the communities from which these terrorists emerge, but is the primary motivation spoken of by the organizations' leaders and the terrorists themselves. Since according to Islamic Extremists to die for Allah, who promised his followers ruler-ship over such a glorious global Islamic Caliphate, is the only guaranteed way any Muslim has to earn one's salvation in Islam.    

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